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11-Oct-2017 20:28

#prebdaybehavior #BLACKDONTCRACK A photo posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on Mar 11, 2016 at pm PST Once Twitter got ahold of the pic, the reactions nearly broke the internet.

pic.twitter.com/OX55Pag Tnr She looks amazing RT @92wayne_: Elise Neal just turned 50 today. W T F pic.twitter.com/ZYqb6wc8DJ What RT @bdot TM: lord. pic.twitter.com/6h Ft Hr Gz OW You not going to look like Elise Neal eating fried chicken wings with fries and blue cheese 3x a week that's for damn sure. Neal, we salute you for being fit, fab and oh so fierce!

After having her heart broken, Micah has no plans ...

See full summary » This is a story of a man and a woman who try to defy the odds and prove to everyone that men and women can be just friends.

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A down-on-his-luck stock broker becomes homeless and takes refuge in front of an office building where a famous print model works.

“I hate to say this, but I saw this coming,” she told

#FBF when @ishootamerica wanted to take pics before we got to the location ..

Elliot was fired by Allen Potter, and Marland ended the storyline.

Elise Neal turned 50 on Tuesday and she is proof that Black don't crack.

In May 1980, Guiding Light won its first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in a Daytime Drama, although many were surprised the departing Michael Zaslow did not win the award for Outstanding Achievement as a Lead Actor for playing Roger Thorpe.

(The scene that won the Emmy was Zaslow's "hall of mirrors" sequence with Lenore Kasdorf.) By 1981, Procter & Gamble changed the opening of Guiding Light to keep up with the more youth oriented ABC soaps, from the opening used since 1975 of a tree with sunlight shining through to a disco opening (with scenes of characters or groups of characters in several action shots) with a theme from Jack Urbont. Writer Marland quit in 1982 due to a dispute over treatment of his friend Jane Elliot, when the Carrie multiple personality disorder storyline didn't carry Guiding Light's ratings to #1 above its rival, General Hospital.See full summary » This film is a romantic comedy about a stewardess (Calhoun), who after 12 years of dating (Joseph) as college sweethearts (along with several marriage proposals in between), meets a business man going through a divorce (White) on one of her job layovers.