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23-Oct-2017 15:08

, because many scammers often use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes.

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The shocking figure exposes the scale of abuse of the crumbling NHS by health tourists.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems the most valuable, beautiful and secure women never have boyfriends.

Because when they see couples, all they see is settling — something they will never do.

With doctors saying conditions in A&E are the worst they have seen:- It emerged that hospitals have started taking the unprecedented step of cancelling cancer operations;- A poll suggested 78 per cent of voters would like the aid budget used to help the NHS;- Theresa May was accused of 'scapegoating' GPs in a row over surgery hours;- Nearly half the hospitals in England declared major alerts through overcrowding;- Doctors warned the worst may still be to come as flu cases increase.- Running costs of an eight-bed ward for six months, excluding drugs and medical care- 3,500 hospital outpatient appointments- Giving five cancer patients cutting-edge immunotherapy drugs for a year- The salary of 15 registered nurses for a year- 70 hip replacements- 437 cataract operations- One intensive care bed for 230 days- Paying a senior consultant specialist for three years- A fully kitted out ambulance- Employing five salaried GPs for a year- Training one junior doctor, including taking a five-year medical degree The case at Luton was uncovered through a series of freedom of information requests sent by the Mail to all hospitals in England.

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A spokesman confirmed the hospital was owed £348,683 by the Nigerian mother who gave birth to twins in 2015.

The World Car of the Year awards will be handed out at the New York motor show on March 28.