Invalidating session in java dating a lady tips

31-Jul-2017 19:56

Whenever the user creates the new session just check whether the user is present in the context map or not.i Have do like this Http Session session = Session(); Servlet Context context = Servlet Context(); Hash Map active Users = (Hash Map)Attribute("active Users"); active Users.put(Id(), session); Attribute("active Users", active Users); in session Created method of session Listner in i successsfully get the list of active user's name and there session id but when i do like that Http Session Context context=Session()Session Context(); Servlet Context sc=Session()Servlet Context(); Hash Map active Users = (Hash Map)Attribute("active Users"); Http Session session=Session(); if(active Users.contains Key(this.session ID)==true) it will not allow and through excapetion org.apache.jasper.Jasper Exception so here is tricky one how solve here . Others have helped you make progress on how to do this, but I want to ask what you are trying to do, really, and why you think this is a good idea? How about two or more windows in a Firefox or Chrome browser?On the server side it will be quite transparent, Session() will return a new session object automatically. Although the cookie is still present on the client side, it is possible for the server to delete the cookie also on the client side. I was wondering how to invalidate session in JSP and servlets. When a user hits the log out button it directs them to that page, which in turn checks for an active session and if it finds one, calls session.invalidate() then redirects the user back to the home page (or wherever you would like).

I am not able to understand where to put session.invalidate() And further where should i invalidate it, on or my other web pages when a person hits logout.

How about people who run both Firefox and Chrome, which are separate applications, on the same computer?

What about shared IP connections on separate computers?

While authenticating I am creating a session object on the j Boss app.

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When I send back the control to the app on Tomcat I will ask the user if he wants to sign off the authenticating application. I created a folder "classes" under WEB-INF and have it in it. I've written the code in question ablove Invalidate the session in the servlet or the JSP that you go to when a user hits "log out".

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