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The purpose of this study is to test the applicability of the Holocene turbidite record as a paleoseismic record for the Cascadia subduction zone.The Cascadia Basin is an ideal place to develop a turbidite paleoseismologic method and to record paleoearthquakes because (1) a single subduction-zone fault underlies the Cascadia submarine-canyon systems; (2) multiple tributary canyons and a variety of turbidite systems and sedimentary sources exist to use in tests of synchronous turbidite triggering; (3) the Cascadia trench is completely sediment filled, allowing channel systems to trend seaward across the abyssal plain, rather than merging in the trench; (4) the continental shelf is wide, favoring disconnection of Holocene river systems from their largely Pleistocene canyons; and (5) excellent stratigraphic datums, including the Mazama ash and distinguishable sedimentological and faunal changes near the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary, are present for correlating events and anchoring the temporal framework.A probable correlative sequence of turbidites is also found in cores on Rogue Apron off southern Oregon.The Hydrate Ridge and Rogue Apron cores also include 12–22 interspersed thinner turbidite beds respectively.Archaeology is a combination of science and art with the purpose of learning about certain people or peoples through the careful analysis of remains.The dating of artifacts, which may lead to a general dating of a specific period of any given culture, is among the main objectives of archaeological research.Late Last (Margaret) Glaciation advances in the Pieman basin are much more restricted in extent and display evidence for multiple stillstand-readvance phases during the decay of the system, with most of the ice having disappeared by ∼14 kyr BP.

Every day condo-owners were becoming millionaires, and nobody was enjoying the boom more than NYC's hoteliers whose properties helped rocket them to stardom and into the company of the world's most beautiful women.

The Pieman River basin, western Tasmania, displays one of the most complete Middle to Early Pleistocene glacial sequences from a Southern Hemisphere mid-latitude site.

Most of the glacial deposits exceed the C limit, although mapping of the depositional units using morphostratigraphic, post-depositional weathering criteria and magnetostratigraphy, shows that the sediments of the Boco and Bobadil glaciation were deposited during the Brunhes normal chron (275 kyr.

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In May, it was rumored that Andre Balazs, owner of the Mercer Hotel, would be walking down the aisle with girlfriend Uma Thurman.

Reading assignments do not include "Earth System Shift" ("ESS") inserts unless specifically noted.

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