Bound datagridview not updating

19-Sep-2017 21:53

VB2008 I have a Data Grid View with Multi Select = True and Selection Mode=Full Row Select. I have a function that goes through all the selected rows and sets the value of this column. I have managed to get around this problem by setting Current Cell = Nothing after I have made the changes, but this has the undesirable side effect of clearing the selection. All selected rows in the Data Grid View are updated immediately in my test application. I shall try to reproduce the problem in a smaller app. Create the datagridview initially with no columns and replace Form_Load as follows: Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. Sincerely, Linda Liu Microsoft Online Community Support Delighting our customers is our #1 priority.

On investigation, it seems that the value is updated, but if the row happens to be the currentrow, the change is not displayed until the currentrow is changed. Hi Phil, I performed a test based on your description but didn't reproduce the problem on my side. ================================================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. My datagridview is part of a larger application, so there is quite a lot of difference from your code. I have managed to adapt your code to reproduce the problem. Thank you for using our MSDN Managed Newsgroup Support Service!

The Data Grid View control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it will bind to a variety of data sources.

Some code that may help: Using the below binds correctly and adds/removes as expected, but I cannot sort: I feel your pain, I struggled with the same problem for many hours.

Text = "submit" Dim panel As New Flow Layout Panel() panel.

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